Custom Ramps

We build the best custom ramps on the East Coast. All ramps are one of a kind and you can email for a quote.

Quarter pipes.

Custom Skate Ramps NH east coast skateboarding bmx quarter pipe halfpipe

It’s a quarter of a pipe. Skate it, bike it, scoot it. It’s the most basic ramp having transition (a curve). Starting at $400 for 2ft high, 4ft wide. Thick steel coping, perfect transition, highest quality materials.


Half Pipe

halfpipe half pipe skateboarding bmx scooter ramps gnarbear

Half of a pipe. Extremely fun. Starting at $1600 for 2ft high, 8ft wide. Perfect backyard setup.


Box Jump

Bmx box jump skateboarding bike scooter ramp quarter pipe

Perfect for getting some air time! It is a quarter pipe combined with a flat area and a landing. Great for BMX or scoot! Call or text 843-814-6340 and talk to Stevo for more info.


Grind ledge, hubba or grind box

box hubba ledge grind rail gnarbear skate skateboarding

A welcome addition to any municipal skate park or driveway. Great for skateboarding scoot and BMX. Thick steel coping and of course, the best materials. Starting at $150.



Call or text 843-814-6340 or email for more info

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