Gnarbear Donkey D*** down flatbar snowboard & ski rail

Call it what you will: Flat down, Down Kick, Donkey Kick or Donkey Dick… it’s a rad rail to shred for sure. 50-50 to back 3 out, swap to 450 out…. Whether you ski or board this one is a riot and adds pop to the end of a regular down rail.

14 foot long with 12 foot of down and 2 foot of flat

Solid 3″ wide steel flatbar

24″ height

Mellow kink

Will not bend of flex

Painted to resist corrosion and slide buttery

Removable legs for easy storage and transport

Designed and built in New Hampshire, USA
NOTE: Before ordering this rail please be aware that delivery is $1 per mile from Deerfield, NH 03037. Go to google maps and get driving directions from there to your house. The number of miles you see is the delivery cost. 50 miles = $50. Easy as pie. After your order we will call to arrange a delivery time (usually 3-5 days). If that’s too much and you need a shippable snowboarding or skiing rail, check out the 12 foot flatbar ski and board rail.

gnarbear donkey dick flatbar backyard rail snowboarding skiing snowboard ski

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