Bear Days at Attitash Mountain Resort

Posted on January 19, 2016

We bought a bear suit! Yep. Had to be done. The awesome staff at Attitash Mountain Resort were nice enough to hook us up with some tickets and we did some filming on, you guessed it, Bear Peak.

It was a sunny above freezing day following a good couple days of snow, so the conditions couldn’t have been better. Myself (Stevo), Dirty Dan and Johnny Wyman set out to do goonish things (while keeping it clean, of course). Tom, the director of marketing took a moment to remind us that Attitash is a family resort. We’re usually pretty good about that, right?

How hard is it to ride in the bear suit? Well it took a few runs to get used to it and keep the head from flopping around. During spins greater than 180 the head flops down over my goggles and all landings become completely blind. This isn’t too say it wasn’t a blast, because it sure was! The thing that helped keep me dry and keep the suit in place the most was my Gnarbear Worker Jacket. These are so rad and you should order one as soon as you can!

Anyhow, the video that follows is full of mediocre snowboarding and skiing tricks and ridiculous antics. The oddest part of the day, however, was a father standing directly in front of me pointing and telling his daughter “do you see the bear, honey?” He didn’t even attempt eye contact with me. It was as if I was a bear caged in the zoo and he was showing his daughter. If only that was on film… Anyhow the terrain park on Bear Peak was on point and we had a blast! We can’t wait to get back over to Attitash.

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