Rye Airfield Skatepark All Nighter

Posted on November 23, 2013

It’s not just New England’s best skate and bike park because of the ramps. Rye Airfield throws some steezy events! GnarBear threw down at Rye this past weekend (November 15-16, 2013) with our very own Stevo MC’ing and running all the competitions and games.

Over 200 people showed up, mostly kids aged 13-17, locked in with 50,000 square foot of ramps and radness! Our only team skater and photo magician Dillon Cate was also on hand strapped up with his Canon, a blinding flash and some creative angles to document the fun.

Twelve hours of bmx, skate and scoot riding was broken up by playing games such as Hang-on. Everyone holds onto the coping in the 14 foot vert pipe with the winner being he who is the last to drop.hang on A game of Fish-in-a-bucket involves avoiding dodge balls while in the largest skate pool. Avoid getting hit and be the last person standing got you a prize! Why stop there? May as well have a dodge ball tournament! And of course games of SKATE, BMX best trick and a scooter comp in the flow section!

Dillon tossed together a quick promo, shrinking 12 hours of sleep deprivation and shred into under a minute of video. Check it out!

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