Riding Stowe with some Gnarbear Team Cats

Posted on February 2, 2016

Well I had to deliver a few 12 foot ski boxes for the terrain park at Hard’ack ski area in northern Vermont so it made sense to head on over to Stowe Mountain Resort to meet up with a couple of cats from the snowboard team. My homie from college Matt Thoman tagged along with his fancy camera setup to snag some dope pics. It was almost 50 degrees out, the snow was amazing and it was a raddddd day!

snowboard box rail snowboarding skiing ski gnarbear

Both Riley Peterson and Cooper Provencher were riding in the USASA slopestyle competition and both threw down hard securing 1st place in their age groups. After the comp we all met up and tooled around in the parks for a while and snapped some steezy pics in the new Gnarbear worker Jacket.

Coop just turned 10 years old but somehow extracts style out of every trick he does. It’s something to see for sure. Most kids these days are trying to outdo one another with numbers of spins and crazy switchup robot ballerina type tricks while Coop just bones out grabs and makes even the basic method look steezy AF!

cooper provencher laydown rail gnarbear stowe snowboarding

snowboard method cooper provencher gnarbear snowboarding terrain park jump

Riley is just a goddam animal. He just goes big and makes everything look easy. We were discussing some tricks him and Coop could do in Tandem and he was like “how about I do a massive flip over him while he eurocarves hard on the landing?” And it was so. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. A split second later and Coop would have surely been landed on. Coop layed it down while Riley layed it out… both about as far as possible. Follow Riley on Instagram at @r_peterson076_

riley peterson snowboarding team gnarbear rails ramps apparel

snowboarding method gnarbear stowe

I did a few mediocre tricks for the camera, but the focus wasn’t on me. With the talent from Riley and Cooper on tap, there was no need. Overall the day was amazing and I can’t wait to get back to Stowe and shred with them again.


-Stevo, El Presidente of the Republic of Gnarbear

Posted 2 2 2016

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