Aiden Chmura Interview

Posted on February 12, 2016

Aiden Chmura Early Season 2015 from Aiden Chmura on Vimeo.

Well he’s the OG snowboarder on our team: his name is Aiden Chmura. I sent him a set of questions so you could get to know him better. Be sure to follow his unusually rad life on Instagram @aidenchmura.

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Aiden Sol Chmura
Age and birthday?
16 years old presently, but I doubt Stevo updates the website every year… Born on January 18th, 2000
Where you from and where do you live?
I am from Stowe Vermont and sometimes live in Aspen Colorado and sometimes live in Stowe Vermont.
Who are your sponsors?
Gnarbear, Powe Snowboards, and Zeal Optics.
Shout out your fav homies to ride with?
Mason Lemery, Dylan Collins, Jesse Mcdougal, Will Riley, Haven Eames, Keegan Hosefros, LJ Twombley, Jack Linehan, Billy Trautner, Jeffrey Boliba and many more.
How long you been riding for gnarbear?
Since 99 weeks ago according to instagram.
Favorite gnarbear product?
Gnarbear ANTIZEACH coming soon!!!!
Favorite color?
Whatever color my hair happens to be this week.
Favorite food?
All of them.
When and why did you start snowboarding?
I started snowboarding when I was six because I wanted to have fun.
Favorite snowboarder and why?
Jake Blauvelt is my favorite snowboarder because he is a homie and slays it.
How would you describe your riding style?
Favorite tricks to do?
Backside 180 japan grab, backside tailslide on any rail, frontside 360 indy grab, method.
Story of your best crash?
tried a nollie front flip off a jump and milled the landing and snapped both bones in my forearm in half.
Story of your best day snowboarding?
All of them, but the best ones are late season park laps with the homies.
Where do you see riding taking you?
No idea to be honest. Hopefully somewhere with powder.
What advice do you have for the next generation of snowboarders?
Don’t be a pussy.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Being able to fly… Duh.
Ramen or Easy Mac?
Ramen fersher. I live off that stuff at the mountain.
What do you think about skiers?
Skiing is like snowboarding except it’s not fun or cool.
Anything else to add?

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