A day at Hopkinton skatepark

Posted on September 6, 2015

Had a rad session at Hopkinton skatepark in NH today. Like the new logo tee or the round rail at the end? Get it all on gnarbear(dot)com. Featured are the goonsquad... @derekhines647 @bunzy_603 @zach_lupa @crawfish_sk8 #gnarbear #skateboarding #bmx #scootscootbangbang #rails

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It started with a failed BMX trip to Highland Mountain bike park. Not failed because we didn’t make it, or didn’t land tricks: Nick Nelson and Zach Lupa sent it hard on all the dirt jumps. But failed because I had one of those “I can’t land tricks and fall in the most epic and dirty of ways” days. It just wasn’t a day for trails for me. Not a single picture was taken (unless laughing bystanders snapchatted a few) so don’t ask.

Anyhow, we reloaded the bike rack on the Audi and shot on over to Hopkinton Skate park. When we got there it was bustling more than we had ever seen before. Locals at this park will tell you that rarely is anyone there. Which makes no sense because the park is actually flowy AF. Zach and I met up with Bunzy, Hunter Crawford and Derek Hines. Here is a link to our instagram with a quick video of our fun. In case you’re wondering, I had a rad time at Hoppy and regained my balance. There are no pics of this either, so don’t ask.

When I get a chance to edit them, there are a bunch of pics of Bunzy and Derek I will post. Be sure to follow the Instagram at @gnarbear or check back here soon!

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