Gnarbear Flatbar Skate Grind Rail

NOW 6 FOOT LONG! UPS rapes us on shipping costs so screw it, we added an extra foot and now it’s 6 foot long!

The Gnarbear flat bar skate grind rail is our best selling product. Most skateboarders prefer to learn on something small, short and portable. Looking for something longer? Check out the Gnarbear mod Rail

– 6 foot long flat bar!
– Height is adjustable from 10 to 12 inches (no tools required!)
– Neoprene rubber non slip pads on feet
– Stainless steel hardware
– Strong and durable and will not dent or break
– Not rickety and floppy like the competition
– Great for learning new rail tricks at home (smiths, crooks, blunts, boardslides, etc)
– Painted Gnarbear red and black to prevent corrosion
– Hand made on the North East Coast USA
– FREE STICKERS with every order
– Shipping weight is 28 pounds


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